Nehru and Patel and Modi in between: Not Patel’s Prime Minister

[My comment:]

  1. The following observation is focused on the difference of opinion on a crucial issue of governance between two giants of our freedom movement. But it is equally relevant to our own situation.
  2. The observer has ignored a vital aspect of the two leaders’ attitude to the relationship between politics and religious belief. Admittedly, Patel was a religious person, while the Pundit was not. But both were committed secularists. (I have advisedly emphasized Patel’s secularism). On the contrary, Modi believes in putting Hinduism as he understands it at the core of Indian politics, and his Hinduism stinks. (As an aside, Vajpayee as prime minister went to great lengths to stress his Vedantic version of Hinduism – something which, in theory at least, would not be different from the Mahatma’s Abu Bakr.

[The article begins here]

A FEW days ago, the ruling political establishment felt thoroughly pleased with its own sophomoric cleverness when it chose to rub the Sardar Patel point in, once again.

Source: Not Patel’s Prime Minister

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