Aladin of London

aladin-tanveer-ashis-img_5360A belated appreciation
It was a delicious moment. A sizeable and significant segment of the community – of course I was there – assembled in West Hendon Broadway to celebrate the relocation of Aladin Kababish to a larger premises. They were treated to excellent Pakistani – misnomered Indian – cuisine. Notable dishes included biryani, haleem and nihari, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that the biryani was the best, some of the seasoned gourmets even declaring them all to be the best to be had anywhere in London. Oh, yes, not even in Tooting, the mecca of good food. I would gladly endorse their opinion, if only because the owner of the outfit happens to be a friend of mine. Tanveer is a marvellous host but avoid him. The fellow takes little time to grow on you. Mark my word.

Photo clockwise (L-R): Tariq Suleman, Mushtaq Lasharie (with hat), Nausherwan Khan, …,  EMAEM, Ashis Ray, Tanveer Ahmed.

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