Why Stalin failed if he did

The XXth Congress of the CPSU was held in 1956, where Khruschev launched an offensive against Stalin and Stalinism, called a process of DeSatalinisation. That was followed by the XXIInd Congress in 1961. A prominent communist Roy A Medvedev wrote Let History Judge: The Origins and Consequences after the XXIInd Congress of CPSU to explain what exactly happened under Stalin and why it happened. The book and its translation were first published in the West. I was introduced to it by Amarjit Chandan in the 80s when I arrived here. The book is a classic. On revisiting the book, I found a passage written by the translator of the English edition, David Joravsky, which neatly describes major hypotheses about the Stalin phenomenon. Incidentally, it reminds me of the discussions that took place among the Western Marxists since the 1917 revolution began to unfold itself (I hope to give a gist of itbefore long). I am appending the passage to initiate a discussion. I am not sure if I will succeed.

Medvedev six hypotheses about Stalin Let history judge

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